Current lab members

Yuan_photoYaowu Yuan
Associate Professor
Biology / Pharmacy 305A
Phone: 860-486-4059
yaowu.yuan at
Baoqing-copyBaoqing Ding
Postdoc (10/2014-present)
Biology / Pharmacy 310
Phone: 860-486-4154
baoqing.ding at

Mei Liang
Postdoc (11/2019-present)
Biology / Pharmacy 300A
Phone: 860-486-3469
meiliang678 at

Amy LaFountain (website)
Ph.D. Student (08/2016-present)
amy.lafountain at

Qiaoshan Lin (website)
Ph.D. Student (08/2016-present, co-advised with Dr. Jill Wegrzyn)

qiaoshan.lin at

Vandana Gurung
Ph.D. Student (05/2018-present, co-advised with Dr. Pam Diggle) vandana.gurung at
Hongfei Chen
Ph.D Student  (01/2019-present) hongfei.chen at
Chang Liu
Part-time technician (11/2015-present)

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

Lauren Stanley (2014-2020), Ph.D student, currently a postdoc in David Lowery's lab at MSU.

Hayley McMahon (2018-2020), Master student, currently a Research Technician in Inna Nechipurenko's lab at WPI.


Janelle Sagawa (08/2013-08/2014),  founding member of the lab

Visiting Students/Scholars

Zheng Xiao (03/2019-04/2020), Visiting Professor, Institute of Horticulture, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Chen Feng (09/2017-09/2018), Visiting Graduate Student, South China Botanical Garden, CAS

Jingjian Li (07/2017-07/2018), Visiting Graduate Student, South China Agricultural University, China

Arielle Cooley (02/2017-03/2017), Visiting Professor, Whitman College, WA

Xuemei Sun  (01/2017-06/2017),  Visiting Graduate Student, Qinghai University, China

Wenjie Chen (11/2015-11/2016), Visiting Professor, Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, CAS

Fengjuan Mou (08/2015-08/2016), Visiting Professor, Southwest Forestry University, China

Undergraduate Researchers

Matthew Strobel (08/2013-05/2015)

Dominika Bajguz (08/2013-05/2015)

Alex Dykas (01/2014-12/2014) 

Henry Guo (06/2014-05/2016)

Sean Reilly (01/2014-05/2016)

Connor Hill (05/2015-06/2016)

Griffin Struyk (08/2014-05/2017)

Leslie Wong (09/2017-12/2018)

Maussi Arrunategui (09/2017-05/2019)

Caitlin Foster (01/2018-05/2020)

Lisa Olsen (02/2018-05/2020)

High School Students

Alicia Mazzura (summer of 2019)

Alexandra Kwiecien (summer of 2018)

Kiara Monahan (summers of 2016, 2017, 2018)